Luxury lake Villa ⛵️ Mansion for sale property Poland villa Poland lakefront Masuria luxury Mansion villa for sale Poland Mazury luxury Mansion by the lake for sale

Luxury Mansion in Poland  ⛵️  Villa by the Lake for sale

  • 60 acre - a plot on the lake (23,7 ha)

  • 0,9 mi - the length of the shoreline

  • Manor - Villa 8000 ft² - 7 bedrooms

  • 2 guest houses 800 ft² and 3200 ft²

  • Lake Narie 3600 acre area (1260 ha)

  • Administrative silence zone

  • Forest, beach, piers, infrastructure

  • Local development plan


Luxury Mansion by the lake ⛵️ Villa in Poland luxury Masurian Luxury Lake villa Property for sale Poland luxury Lake Villa Poland

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The subject of sale is a property with an area of 23.7 hectares with its own coastline, 1.38 km long. On a plot of 14 ha, there is a luxurious villa - a larch mansion of 840 m² and two guest houses. An undeveloped plot of 10 hectares is a meadow and a pine forest. Each of these properties can be purchased separately.

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luxury houses for sale masuria poland

We present to you a unique Masuria residence

The attractive location and picturesque lake allowed for the creation of a one-of-a-kind habitat. Shoreline, crystal-clear water, a silence zone, a sand beach, an island, a quiet bay and a park-like forest altogether make for an edenic and idyllic setting


The building is 840 m² - 7 bedrooms with bathrooms. It is located on a slope with a panoramic view of the lake. Built of larch tree in half-timbered technology using natural materials: stone, copper, ceramics.



The main entrance leads to a spacious hall with a mezzanine where there is a cloakroom and a general bathroom. The living room has a large window overlooking the lake. Next to it is a study with a library and then two bedrooms.


The first floor is mainly bedrooms, all with bathrooms. The family apartment has two separate bedrooms. The mezzanine enables eye contact with the bottom hall.

lakefront property estate
luxury residence


The lower ground floor is only visible from the lake because the building is located on a slope. The lower living room has a direct exit to the lake, and next to the pool room, sauna, jacuzzi, bathroom and laundry.

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Larch House



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